Restaurant Management Software


  • Displaying meals dishes photos to the client to choose the order
  • Receiving more than an order on the table or in the bill
  • Easy displaying and closing previous orders and displaying the due bills for payment follow-up
  • Recording bills of meals provided to clients such as Point of Sales works with high speed and accuracy.
  • Distributing orders of meals among the sections of the kitchen.
  • Creating a group of foods under a specific name so that a client can use it many times.
  • Reserving groups of foods for a banquet or occasion.
  • Compatible with all types of restaurants; prepaid tables, take away, delivery…etc.


  • Helping to provide fastest, most accurate and best service for all clients of restaurant.
  • Organizing the tasks and orders between clients, waiters and kitchen according to modern standards and suitable to the policy of restaurant and its owner.
  • Calculating the revenues of each section separately.
  • Controlling and posting to the accounting systems.
  • Capability of drawing the tables and sections as they are in reality.
  • Capability of designing reports according to user needs and structure he wishes.
  • Dealing with touch screens.
  • Capability of composing a meal of several kinds of food (Combination Kind) and posting it as a combination kind or as separated ingredients.
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