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Our Products

Onyx ERP

The system covers all the business needs including general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, procurement, costing with full order management capabilities. Onyx ERP includes a standalone configuration and setup tools where admin can easily setup approval hierarchies and business rules. The system perfectly handles B2B business relations through advance features such as Introducing extra account levels to support clients and their customers as well. The system is capable to handle complex structures including multiple countries, multiple banks in different countries as well as currencies so you can support branches all around the globe. Same thing with taxation, Onyx ERP provides a flexible and enhanced taxation capabilities that supports any complex business or regulation.

The hospital management Solution is the right solution for any health facility. The module is so flexible and can easily scales up to support any medical entity:
  • 1. Clinics.
  • 2. Labs.
  • 3. Hospitals.
  • 4. Senior care.
Ultimate Health is the best choice for any health care organization.

Our system dedicates a separate module for POS with a wide variety of features that supports any type of retail business.
Set up your own POS rules, restrictions, right and constrains through an easy set-up wizard. The system enables businesses to manage different POS rules for cancellation, returns and refund based on location, products or users. Single, constructed, scheduled and conditioned promotions are supported as well


Modern & intelligent reporting engine 
Our solutions offers a wide variety of reports and dashboard that can process any complex data. Many built-in reports are available which covers almost all your business needs. You can easily update any of these reports by adding or removing columns, filters or any other criteria. Users can design their own reports and schedule them as well.

Restaurant Management System - FERP

A modern and advanced system that provides owners and managers, a high level of control and accuracy while serving customers. The menus and photos can be updated easily which enables restaurants to introduce and change dishes on the spot. The system fully controls customers’ orders and payment, it also tracks and manages order fulfillment at the kitchen side. The system offers much more features such as inventory, staff shift management and enhanced reporting.


End-to-end HRMS System which smoothly manage your Human Resources
The system handles employee’s data, attendance, payrolls, vacations, promotions and anything related to your staff. The advanced career tool enables HR team to post new jobs on the spot and evaluate candidates automatically. The integrated solution simplify & automate all your HR transaction.


Our solutions manages the full supply chain cycle (Receiving, Picking, Packing, shipping and more). Our solution provides a full control on inventory and enables you to set and update inventory rules such as picking based on expiry date or defining new units of measurement. The system performs automatic cycle counts and schedule stock count as well. All your inventory specific needs can be configured separately


Ultimate Cloud enables manufactures to efficiently manage and control their production lines. The system tracks row materials quantities and automatically convert them to products. Cost is so important to manufacturer and critical whenever the inflation rates are high. Ultimate Cloud is the best solution to track inflation rates and react automatically so you can keep your business safe.

Real Estate Management
Real Estate Management A special module That suits all real estate businesses:
  • 1. Property listings & sales.
  • 2. Property management.
  • 3. Leasing & renting.
  • 4. Maintenance & services.
What ever your real estate business is! you can easily lower your operational cost and manage it with Ultimate Cloud.

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